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Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten GmbH
Familie Condotta
Eggweg 2-3 | 6212 Maurach am Achensee

Tel: +43 5243 5375
Fax: +43 5243 591245



Choose from our vast array of massages
for your perfect massage

Classic massages

Treatment Duration Price
Classic full-body massage
Relieves tension & muscle stiffness.
50 min. € 53
Partial-body massage
Classic massage on the back or legs.
25 min. € 33
Sports massage
Alleviates tension and wonderfully suited for all those with a high muscle tone.
25 min. € 33
Foot reflexology massage without bath
Foot reflexology massage with bath
The body's self-healing powers are activated and the immune system strengthened.
25 min.
50 min.
€ 33
€ 49
Teen's massage (till 14 years)
Great for relieving tension so that school bags are easier to carry. 
25 min. € 27

Special massages

Treatment Duration Price
Aromatic oil massage
Soothingly warm, relaxing, and harmonizing. The essential oils that you choose have a positive effect on the cutaneous nerves and the entire flow of energy.
25 min
50 min.
€ 38
€ 59
Herbal stamp massage
The stimulating effect of herbal stamps leads to cell regeneration, increased blood flow, as well as removal of waste products in the tissues. It removes blockages and tension, strengthens the immune system, and increases the body's performance power.
50 min. € 65
The word "Reiki" is a Japanese world that means "universal life energy". Reiki is a very old, natural relaxation method that leads to the harmonization and balance of energy. Reiki is a method of laying on of hands to strengthen and regenerate mind, body, and soul.
45 min. € 48
Vier Jahreszeiten combi-massage
Individual massage that is tailored to your needs.
50 min. € 59
Hot stone massage
A massage with hot lava stones that harmonizes mind, body, & soul and relaxes. The stones resolve energy blockages and relieve muscle tension. 
50 min. € 63
Colon massage
Suited for chronic constipation as well as feelings of fullness and cramps in the stomach area. We recommend not eating anything and emptying your bladder and bowels before a treatment if possible.
25 min. € 33
Singing bowl massage
With a singing bowl massage, various large bowls are placed on your clothed body and tapped. The vibration on the bottom of the bowl is transferred to the body and spreads outwards from here. After a short time, you will have the impression of being part of the sound. It leads to deep relaxation. The vibrations from the sound remove blockages and activate self-healing powers.
50 min. € 63
Soap brush massage on the heated lounger
This form of massage on the warm Hammam lounger helps to remove dead skin cells by means of a large, soft brush - afterwards, lotion will be applied to the body - your skin will be radiant, soft, and rosy.
50 min. € 63
Manual lymph drainage
Recommended after operations, for slipped discs, bags under the eyes, edema, and collection of fluid in the body. With this drainage, blockages will be removed from the tissues and lymph fluid removed from the lymph nodes and bladder.

25 min.
face 25 min.

50 min.

€ 33
€ 33

€ 59

Ear candling treatment
You suffer from headaches and migraines, your nose runs, your ears are... the first signs of a cold take a toll. This treatment helps with these symptoms or can be used simply for cleansing.
40 min. € 33
A combination of soothing massage with jade stones and relaxing infrared heat radiation. The massage with jade stones (similar to a Shiatsu massage) relieves tension and has a mobilizing effect on the spine. The infrared warmth relaxes the muscles, promotes circulation, and calms mind and body.
20 min. € 20
Honey massage
Promotes blood flow and detoxifies. Not suited for those with thick back hair.
25 min. € 33
Indian head massage
(Shoulders, neck, head, face) Wellbeing due to complete recreation (incl. relaxation time afterwards).
45 min. € 52

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Wellness resort in Maurach am Achensee


Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten GmbH
Condotta family
Eggweg 2-3 | 6212 Maurach am Achensee

Telefon: +43 5243 5375
Fax: +43 5243 591245

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