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Our sauna area has a organic stone sauna, a Finnish sauna, an aromatic oil steam bath, a saltwater grotto, an infrared cabin, our library-tea-bar with drinks and our sky-event-sauna with daily specials.

Sauna world with
steam bath & saltwater grotto

Along with a bio sauna and Finnish sauna, an aromatic oil steam bath, infrared llounge,saltwater grotto and our spacious sky-event-sauna are also available. Along with the familiar comforts of a Finnish sauna, many daily specials await guests here. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary experience for all the senses. Special lighting effects, alluring fragrances, and relaxing music make this sauna in the 4 Jahreszeiten wellness resort one-of-a-kind.

Details &
opening times

Positive effects
of the sauna

The sauna is one of the oldest methods in mankind for doing something good for one's health, and rightly so, because a sauna session brings about a vast array of positive effects. The warm air has a positive effect on well-being, and through sweating, toxins are removed from the body and stress is relieved. The sauna also serves as a form of prevention against colds and can be used as a therapeutic treatment for many illnesses, for example disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

Sauna FAQs

How many types of sauna are there?

Our hotel has a organic stone sauna, Finnish sauna and event sauna. In addition, there is an aromatic oil steam bath, an infrared lounge and cabin, and a saltwater grotto.

Should I take a cool shower after a sauna session?

Positive effects have been attributed to a cold shower after a sauna session. It stimulates the metabolism, immune system, and breathing and has a beneficial effect on your subjective well-being. Of course, everyone must decide for themselves if their circulation can tolerate the quick cool down.

Can people with circulation problems use the sauna?

For these cases, we have our organic stone sauna. It is mainly a low temperature sauna that is especially suited for sauna beginners and people with circulation problems.

I have respiratory problems, what kind of sauna do you recommend?

For respiratory problems, we would recommend our aromatic oil steam bath or our saltwater grotto. The steam bath includes an ideal combination of warmth and humidity and is cleansing and nourishing. The saltwater mist in the grotto creates a salty ocean climate that is very helpful for respiratory diseases.


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