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Dive into the wonderful
world of water...

Our pool is open daily from 7:30 am – 9:00 pm.
Please note that diving from the edge of the pool is not allowed due to safety reasons.

Our pool facility with indoor pool, hot tub, and Physiotherm lounge was redesigned and modernized in November 2016 and coordinated with the appearance of our sauna facility. Along with a modern look, even more loungers and relaxation opportunities are available.

Our pool is ca. 10 meters long, around 1.40 meters deep, and at its widest point is around 6 meters wide (water surface of ca. 50 m²). The water temperature of the indoor pool is 30°C. New underwater lights in various colors with constantly changing lighting conditions create a special appeal and more swimming enjoyment. Right by the pool is our hot tub. It offers room for up to 6 people and has a constant temperature of 36°C. The hot tub can be manually started from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

Along with our pool loungers, you can also unwind in our relaxation rooms. These are equipped with both normal loungers and waterbeds and are the perfect place to let your soul soar and leave the stress of everyday behind.

One special feature of our pool facility is the Physiotherm lounge. This includes several infrared loungers that serve to alleviate various ailments through radiated heat. Use of our Physiotherm lounge can relieve tension, alleviate back pain, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system, and reduce stress. The recommended duration of a session varies depending on the focus of the treatment. You can find a detailed description right in the lounge. 

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