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Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten GmbH
Familie Condotta
Eggweg 2-3 | 6212 Maurach am Achensee

Tel: +43 5243 5375
Fax: +43 5243 591245


Wellness treatments

Wellness baths, facial treatments, individual treatments,
body peels, and body wraps

Wellness baths
25 - 40 min.
from € 36

... with candlelight, relaxing music, and a wellness drink. Relax with magnificent baths with different aromas and...

Treatment Duration Price
Tiroler Steinöl (Tyrolean shale oil) bath
For an overstrained musculoskeletal system - very good for tension & stiffness in muscles followed by an invigorating Tiroler Steinöl tonic.
25 min. € 36
Shale oil vital bath
Regenerates and invigorates - also for colds. High-quality essential oils as well as jojoba and soybean oil pamper the skin and it keep it smooth. Experience the feeling of pure relaxation.
25 min. € 36
Thalasso Mare algae bath
Soothing bath additives with sea salt and algae powder. It has a detoxifying effect, nourishes the body, and makes the skin soft and smooth.
25 min. € 36
Romantic bath enjoyment for 2
Pure enjoyment! You can choose the bath additives (vital or herbal bath) yourself. The large bath for 2 with colored light can be enjoyed in our wellness suite. You can then relax together in the waterbed with a glass of Prosecco (incl. relaxation time afterwards).
40 min. € 70
Soleum - saltwater steam bath
Experience the steam bath alone or with your partner... in our romantic wellness suite. It is beneficial for breathing and skin. The saltwater steam has a cleansing effect and promotes the healing of skin irritations. In addition, you will receive a sea salt peel that you can apply to each other. You can then relax in the waterbed with a refreshing vitamin cocktail (incl. relaxation time afterwards).
40 min. € 70
Pine bath
This bubble bath with natural essential pine oil will calm your spirit and help you to deeply relax. Pine has a calming, relaxing effect and supports circulation.
25 min. € 36
Hotline +43 5243 5375 Inquiry Booking
Facial treatments
25 - 110 min.
from € 74

Intense treatments according to the Babor method - for a radiant appearance for men and women

Treatment Duration Price
"Harmony" facial
Cleansing, peel, Vapozon, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, wrap, nourishing day cream
50 min. € 74
"Exclusive" facial
Elimination of blockages, cleansing, peel, Vapozon, bio-energetic lymph drainage with aromatherapy, deep cleansing, wrap, nourishing day cream
80 min. € 94
"Algal streamlining" facial
Cleansing, peel, peel off mask, vial tratment
50 min. € 77
"Well Age Deluxe" facial
Cleansing, peel, Vapozon, bio-energetic lymph drainage with aromatherapy, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, soothing face massage, serum, mask, hand massage, nourishing day cream 
110 min. € 145
"Babor man" facial
For men's skin - cleansing, peel, face massage or face cleansing, mask, nourishing day creme
50 min. € 74
Hotline +43 5243 5375 Inquiry Booking
Individual treatments
25 - 40 min.
from € 12

Relaxing individual treatments for radiant eyes and a fresh complexion

Treatment Duration Price
Face massage
A relaxed face results in a radiant appearance, makes the eyes shine, and makes you appear younger. A massage of the face, neck, and décolleté can also have a toning effect on the skin.
25 min. € 35
Intensive skin care with facial serum
Lightening & lifting
Cleansing, vial with collagen mask, nourishing day cream
25 min. € 47
Eye lifting
Let your eyes shine!
Cleansing, peeling, vial with lifting serum, special-eye-mask, nourishing day cream
40 min. € 52
Eyebrow coloring   € 12
Eyelash coloring   € 15
Eyebrow & eyelash coloring   € 20
Eyebrow shaping   € 12
Hotline +43 5243 5375 Inquiry Booking
Body peels
25 - 40 min.
from € 37

For silky, smooth skin - dead skin cells will be gently removed, blood flow is stimulated, and care products are...

Treatment Duration Price
Alpine herb peel from nature
Relaxing peel massage with the magnificent fragrances of Alpine herbs for smooth skin. 
40 min. € 51
Aroma-Full-body peel
A short vacation by the sea - this is how your skin will feel after a peel with sea salt and aromatic oils.
25 min. € 37
Hotline +43 5243 5375 Inquiry Booking
Body wraps
25 - 40 min.
from € 37

... in the heated Softpack lounger. You will feel almost weightless - the perfect way to relax. We also recommend...

Treatment Duration Price
Evening primrose cream wrap
Especially for dry, sensitive skin prone to neurodermatitis. Wrapped in soft fleece, the skin receives intensive care. This results in silky smooth skin.
25 min. € 41
Fossil-shale oil-fango partial-body wrap
Relaxes, loosens the muscles, and is good for the joints. Recommended prior to a massage.
25 min. € 37
Purifying algae wrap
Feel the power of the sea. Algae activates the metabolism, remineralizes the tissues, moisturizes, and improves the elasticity of the skin.
40 min. € 52
Almond oil wrap
After a body peeling you get spoiled with a nurturing almond oil cream. This treatment will give you the feeling your skin is out of silk.
40 min. € 54
Hotline +43 5243 5375 Inquiry Booking

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Wellness resort in Maurach am Achensee


Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten GmbH
Condotta family
Eggweg 2-3 | 6212 Maurach am Achensee

Telefon: +43 5243 5375
Fax: +43 5243 5375 45

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